Progressive Lenses

Varilux X Series

The best, most advanced progressive lens on the market, Varilux X Series lenses provide all of the benefits of other Varilux lens designs while virtually eliminating distortion and providing greater edge-to-edge clarity than any other progressive lens option. Thanks to their patented shape and cutting-edge technology, Varilux X Series can help give you more natural vision helping you see the way you did before you needed progressive lenses.

Varilux X Series Reveal

  • Virtual elimination of swim effect

  • Stability in motion

  • Expansive vision

The most innovative and revolutionary progressive lenses, Varilux X Series from Essilor, offers a difference you can see and a real breakthrough visual experience you can afford.

​​​​​​​Varilux Physio and Varilux Comfort are additional Varilux lenses. Varilux lenses are known for their clear, smooth, comfortable vision from near to far and in between. These, in addition to Vision Source exclusive brands, create a full family of lenses to meet all of your vision needs.

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