• Innovative thermal technology designed to deliver targeted bipolar radiofrequency (RF) energy to small delicate zones such as:




  • Leverages clinically proven RF for tissue remodeling with real-time surface temperature control

  • Designed with unprecedented safety:

    • small size applicator

    • precision RF depth control

    • intelligent epidermal monitoring with continuous feedback

  • Limited depth RF penetration provides comfortable, precise, and uniform procedure

  • Delivers an effective, non-drug alternative to improve meibomian gland function and the symptoms of dry eye

FORMA-I Technology Benefits

Provides optimum safety with maximum effectiveness

  • Thermal tissue remodeling technology

  • Maximal temperature 43°C in 60 seconds

  • Fast and effective bipolar radiofrequency (RF) energy travels via 2 electrodes delivering bulk heating

  • Built-in temperature sensor for real-time, constant epidermal thermal monitoring

  • Auto-adjusting feature reduces RF energy automatically when desired skin temperature is reached delivering unprecedented safety

  • Color blind technology = any skin type can be treated

  • Anti-Arching

    • RF Re-distribution

    • No Spikes = safety

  • In-office, nonsurgical, pain-free procedure

  • Patients rest comfortably while procedure is being conducted

​​​​​​​Basic Science

  • Skin ages due to the break down of collagen

  • Sun exposure and aging cause elastic fibers to thicken and break down resulting in loss of elasticity

  • Goal is to heat collagen that is deep as well as close to the skin surface to stimulate regeneration and new growth of collagen

​​​​​​​How RF Works

  • RF is high frequency electrical current applied to tissue

  • INMODE uses bipolar RF rather than Monopolar RF

  • Results in temperature elevation between electrodes which causes general uniform heating

Monopolar RF

  • Uses 1 electrode on the treated area plus 1 return electrode

  • Return electrode is usually in the form of a grounding pad placed outside of the treatment zone

Bipolar RF

  • Uses 2 closely positioned electrodes to deliver RF to the treated area

  • Electric current travels from one electrode through tissue and back to the other electrode

  • Results in uniform heating within treatment zone

FORMA-I Mechanism of Action

​​​​​​​Heat delivered during the procedure “melts” the oil clogging the glands and pressure from the applicator movement allows simultaneous easy expression

Benefits of FORMA-I

  • Not sensitive to skin pigmentation = ‘color blind’ = all skin types can be treated

  • Effective bulk heating

  • No need for protective googles = can be applied to the edge of eyelids

  • Can be used for upper and lower eyelids

  • No risk of hair removal = safe for eyelashes and eyebrows

    • Treatment Control due to:

      • Temperature control

      • Impedance

      • Real-time monitoring

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