Sports Glasses

Our office can prescribe specialized eyewear to protect your eyes at work or at play. Specialty frames and prescription or non-prescription lenses are available for:

  • Sports including golf, basketball, baseball/softball, soccer, football, racquet sports, and hockey

  • Work

  • Swimming

  • Skiing

Lifestyle / Hobby Lenses
How many pairs of shoes do you own? You probably have several styles for different activities – hiking, running, hanging out at the beach, church, night on the town, work, etc. Eyeglasses are no different. Here are just a few activities where a different purpose requires a different set of lenses:

  • Computer

  • Biking

  • Golfing

  • Hunting

  • Running

  • Swimming

  • Skiing

  • Raquetball

  • Needlework

  • Reading

If you have a hobby other than what has been listed above, chances are you could use a separate pair of glasses for that activity for optimal performance.

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