Transitional Sun Lenses

Transitions Signature VII

Fully clear indoors and darker outdoors. Thanks to Transitions exclusive Chromea7 photochromic technology, they are more reactive to bright sun, partial sun and indirect light – such as light reflected from buildings, cars and many other surfaces.

Transitions VII lenses provide optimal balance between outdoor darkness and indoor clarity, block 100% of UVA & UVB rays, fit any prescription and frame and are suitable for any age including children. They are the clearest indoors with the fastest fade back speed.

Transitions VII lenses are available in gray, brown and graphite green.

Transitions XTRActive

Transitions XTRActive lenses are the darkest everyday photochromic lens– even in warm weather—and will even activate moderately behind the windshield of a car. Transitions® XTRActive™ lenses are the perfect lenses for eyeglass wearers who seek everyday eyewear that delivers superior darkness outdoors. That’s why they’re so popular with active adults who enjoy being outside.

Transitions® Vantage™

There are clear lenses that darken. There are sunglasses that are polarized. But never before have everyday eyeglass lenses been able to both darken and polarize in bright, outdoor light. Until now. Introducing new Transitions® Vantage™ lenses, the photochromic lenses you know and love plus the added benefits of variable polarization — polarization that increases as the lenses get darker in outdoor light. That means, as Transitions® Vantage™ lenses get darker, vision gets crisper, sharper and more vivid. Glare is reduced in even the brightest outdoor conditions.

Transitions Performance Sunwear

Transitions performance sun lenses are high-performance sunwear (i.e. Drivewear) specifically designed for outdoor use. Traditional sunwear remains the same level of darkness regardless of the level of sunlight. This is why in certain situations some sunglasses can seem too dark, while other situations the same pair may not seem dark enough. Transitions performance sun lenses self-adjust, changing the level of darkness with the changing amount of sunlight so you can see better, look great and perform at your best.

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